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What Century 21 Can Offer You

What Century 21 Can Offer You


First, I would like to thank you for taking the time to view my website and read through this information.

If you are thinking about selling your home, or if your listing has recently expired, I would love the opportunity to sit and talk with you about your needs and how I can help you sell your home.

I look forward to hearing from you!



10 Potential Problem Areas: Have These Records Available


4 Things That Will Instantly Improve the “Value” of Your House

1.)    The exterior makes a difference. The first picture you see when you’re looking at house “profiles” is a picture of the house from the outside. When a potential buyer visits the house in person- guess what? They’re judging the book by its cover. Sorry but it is true! If the inside is spectacular than some people can overlook the outside of the house- but if it’s not, all the cards come into play.

2.)     Clutter also makes a difference. It can be hard for a potential buyer to picture their stuff in the house if there is still a ton of stuff in it. A lot of extra stuff also makes the rooms look smaller and darker which can work against you. The bare minimum should be showing- furniture, curtains, etc. Make sure your counter tops are clear and all the “nick-nacks” are put away.

3.)    Let the light in. Keep the shades open, the curtains pulled back- the more natural light, the bigger the space looks and the more “cheery.” 

4.)    Systems- Make sure the house’s systems are not only functioning, but working properly. Heating, plumbing, electricity, water, etc. If all of these areas are up to date and have a lot of life left, it is one less thing a buyer has to worry about. I mean seriously, who wants to buy a house if the furnace is old and should be replaced within the first year of moving in? PLUS properties that pass a home inspection with flying colors are easier to finance.


Checklist for marketing your home:

ð       Update the exterior-you want the exterior to be “ready to go” for any photographs, drive bys, showings, etc

o   Cut grass

o   Trim trees

o   Update landscaping

o   Clean gutters

o   Repaint if needed (or power wash if vinyl siding)

o   Remove any clutter from yard

o   **allow your agent to put a sign in your front lawn- even if it’s a dead-end road! Joggers, neighbors, etc are great word-of-mouth advertising

ð       Just the Surface- you are going to be moving. Now is a good time to start going through your possessions to determine what will be making the move with you. Get these things done before listing photographs or showings:

o   Clear counters, tables, sinks, shower shelves, coffee tables

o   Remove dirty dishes from sinks

o   Remove trash (to avoid strange smells)

o   Open up curtains, shades

o   Clean dirty windows and mirrors

o   Pick up toys and random items- nothing should be on the floors

o   Take pictures/photos off the walls, fridge

o   Make sure there are fresh towels and toilet paper in the bathrooms

o   Use air fresheners 

ð       Make sure everything is in working order:

o   Toilets flush easily and don’t “run”

o   Sinks/ showers don’t leak or drip

o   Tubs/showers should be properly sealed around the edges (re-caulk if necessary)

o   Heat and air-conditioning need to be working well (consider getting the systems/vents cleaned if not)

o    Spaces above/below exterior doors are filled

o   Replace/re-glue peeling wallpaper

o   Repaint dirty walls or dark walls in a neutral color

o   Steam clean dirty carpets or replace if necessary

o   Repair loose door handles, warped windows, creaky doors

o   Replace burnt out light blubs

o   Fill holes in walls from pictures that had previously been hung

ð       Last minute preparation for a showing:

o   Try not to be there! If you are- welcome the agent and potential buyer(s) into your home, and then fade away! If need be, go sit in your car or go for a walk. Do not interfere with the potential sale, and never apologize for the way your home looks.

o   Make sure pets are secured in crates, in dog houses, or take them with you when you leave

o   Have most recent heating, electric, water, gas bills available

o   Have records of any major renovations or any home repairs available


Things to Consider When Choosing a Realtor

  • Expertise- you want an agent who knows the area that you will be buying or selling a house in. You want someone who will compare your property (or the property you’re looking at) to other properties in the area and knows how to price and negotiate effectively
  • Resourceful- obviously it’s impossible for a Realtor to know every aspect of the state that they do business in, but you want someone representing you that is going to go the extra mile to get you the facts, statistics and information to satisfy your needs
  • Time is Money- you are looking for an agent that is going to be specific with you. What’s the point of looking at 30 properties if two of them only meet your criteria? As a buyer, you need to be upfront and specific about what’s a “requirement” for a potential property. Let he/she know what things are “flexible” and what you need to have.
  • Credentials- how long have they been a Realtor, their success rate, etc.
  • Personable- you are going to be spending a considerable amount of time with this person, talking to this person- make sure it is someone you like!
  • Someone you trust


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